Q [:kju:] stands for Quality and we are here to deliver some. We created Q because we had enough quality time, a little knowledge and most important – a dream to make something good. Simple as that. So here we are, having you, reading our story and that’s quite a good start.

How does Q [:kju:] work?

Together with young and talented costume and graphic designers we created some super nice clothes. From T-Shirts to hoodies and more. Each item has a special power, so every time you purchase one an exact sum of money goes to specific youth orientated NGO. Q [:kju:] is here to help these great initiatives grow as well as raise the awareness as much as possible.

Our partners we invite you to support and follow is [:Ne Imti Bet Duoti:].

The name stands for [:To Give Instead of Taking:] and these guys are amazing! For 16 years they gather talented young people to take part as education volunteers at orphanages, help teenagers to learn and finish school to get a proper education. How brilliant is that ?!

Well this is what we call Quality Time. Empower yours – become volunteer, spread the message or get yourself something super nice here and support by simple looking good !

Drop us an e-mail. You will be surprised how pleasant we are.